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The Cool Art of Everyday Beauty


40 woodcuts and linocuts

Gallery 1

28 panoramic format prints & compositions

Gallery 2

38 mini woodcuts and linocuts

Gallery 3

Images, Voyages, Impressions logo is the site of Dominique Lecomte, a printmaker, photographer, and writer living near Boston, USA. Last update: April 15, 2014

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Ebooks, Fotoprints & Photos (+ older works and the list of upcoming shows) are at The story of Red, Green and Blue is at For everything else, see menu below.



  • Explore galleries 1 , 2 , and 3

  • Buy original and signed prints in limited edition

  • Read extracts of the Books "Images, Voyages, Impressions" and buy them, see a Resume.

  • Watch local TV interviews: QATV, Quincy, Mass and CCTV Cambridge, Mass.

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8th edition: 01/2013   Dominique Lecomte (all pages)